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What You Should Do After Receiving an IRS Audit Letter

Less than 1% of people who pay their taxes get flagged by the IRS and receive an audit letter. There’re common audit triggers where the IRS can ask you to verify or explain something that’s on your return, such as:

  • Filing status
  • Unreported income
  • Itemized deductions
  • Dependents
  • Credit eligibility

If you were completely honest during the filing process of your tax return, the audit is easily handled. However, if you intentionally wrote down the wrong information, then it could turn into a bit of a sticky situation. Either way, open your tax audit letter as soon as you get it.

Contact your tax professional if you got your taxes for the year handled by them and inquire about the problem. If they’re unable to clarify, ask for a review for your return from a qualified tax professional.

Identifying an IRS audit letter

The IRS doesn’t only send a letter if you’re being audited. they might simply be asking you for clarification of certain details or additional information regarding the details that are listed on your return.

The letter should arrive through certified mail, with your name, form number, taxpayer ID, contact information, and employee ID number identified on the inside. The letter will elaborate on the documentation that you’ll need to resolve any issues and what the primary focus for the audit is.

Responding to an IRS audit letter

Responding to an IRS letter within 30 days is imperative as any longer can get you penalized. It’s best to save tax documents for at least 3 years since the IRS has 3 years to audit you from the filing date. If you don’t have the relevant documentation, you can try to get support from outside parties who may have a reasonable method of verification for your claims’ accuracy.

How a Tax Lawyer Can Help

An audit response letter needs to be absolutely flawless, as a single mistake can delay any resolutions. Reach out to our IRS audit lawyer in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Towson, and Washington D.C. We can help you get your papers in order and take over correspondence with the IRS to expedite a quick resolution.

At The Lincoln Law Group, our lead attorney has experience in IRS procedures and tax controversies, providing you with confidence that an experienced attorney is taking charge. Contact us for an appointment — we have immigration lawyers, divorce attorneys, and criminal defense attorneys on our team too.

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