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The Lincoln Law Group specializes in advocating for our clients in a variety of practice areas including tax controversies, family law, criminal law, immigration, and personal injury. We are not just lawyers; our background of a former U.S. Military commander projects respect at the table.

Tax disputes at the federal, state and local levels can result in serious consequences for individuals and businesses.

Don’t face the government alone! Anyone in the United States can be audited for any reason. Make sure you’re protected from the IRS and other government tax authorities. The tax litigation lawyers at the Lincoln Law Group will leverage our financial, accounting, and auditing expertise to fight on your behalf, aiming to reduce or eliminate your tax liability.

The legal knowledge of our tax controversy lawyeris grounded in background in tax law, including representation of clients with tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service and the Office of the Controller of Maryland. In addition, we lead strategic business structuring efforts for proper financial and tax reporting for new and existing companies. Our IRS audit lawyer will work closely with you to ensure you don’t pay more than you are required.

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The Most Sought-After Expertise at your Command

All tax professionals are not created equal. The best resolution of your tax dispute with so aggressive and powerful a government, requires our unique expertise. At The Lincoln Law Group, a lawyer, who is a seasoned accountant and former government auditor, with a Master of Science in Accounting, and the financial analysis experience most sought after in the profession, will be handling your tax controversies and attendant tax needs. His standing as a former U.S. military commander will project undisputed respect at the negotiation table in your behalf.

Full Service

With a full range of services at your disposition, from tax returns preparation to financial analysis and negotiations, we will resolve your tax disputes the most expeditiously possible. We can handle even the most complex tax case efficiently. For each of your tax needs, as listed below, we can reach the best resolution possible.


 Unfiled Tax Returns

Should you be facing years of unfiled taxes without records to file these taxes, do not panic! The Lincoln Law Group will help. We will obtain the documents from the IRS necessary to fill and file those returns for you. Those new returns should allow for deductions that can substantially reduce your tax liabilities.

IRS Audit

IRS audits are terrifyingly invasive and confusing. Fortunately, the Lincoln Law Group will help you face the hard-headed IRS detectives. With assistance from a lawyer who is extensively experienced in the conduct of audits and accounting reconciliations of financial accounts, you can put your concern to rest. The IRS agents will seek to take full advantage from your lack of adequate knowledge on procedures and laws to defend against an audit. We have a plan for your audit success. We will confront their agents on any inappropriateness and mistake regarding your audit. We will force them to reconsider their erroneous determinations.

IRS Levies

Don’t let the IRS seize your assets! The Lincoln Law Group will help you immediately. We can stop the IRS from taking property like bank accounts, wages, social security checks, or your house, cars, and boats. In the face of resulting economic hardship, we will request that the IRS immediately grant you respite by a levy release. Should you be facing economic hardship due to an IRS demand, we will leverage the law to your advantage, and negotiate with IRS to find the best possible solution for you, including having the IRS place you in Currently Not Collectible, negotiate in your behalf an Offer in Compromise, or an affordable monthly payment plan.

Get a Wage Garnishment Break from the IRS!

In a vast majority of cases the Lincoln Law Group can get the IRS to stop garnishments a few days of bringing you to agreement with the IRS. In some cases, it can be done while on the phone with the IRS. We will not wait for the IRS to get the mail. We will pick up the phone and put in motion the process to back them off your place of employment. Wage garnishment is a measure the IRS should take as a last resort. The IRS’s understanding that a garnishment is a hardship on the taxpayer predisposes them to release levies and garnishments immediately.

Offer in Compromise

We have the most relevant experience in building and negotiating an offer in compromise with the IRS. In a nutshell, we can build a case for you to pay substantially less than you owe. There may be impending economic hardship to paying your tax liability, or there may be doubt that the IRS can prove the liability, the Lincoln Law Group will provide you with a wide range of options calculated to immediately settle with the IRS for substantially less than you owe. The process for submitting an offer in compromise and get approved is singularly complex by its requiring substantial attention to details and mastery of IRS regulations and guidelines. The best chance of your offer being approved by the IRS requires our highest quality of experience in handling those matters and the sound financial analysis experience only a seasoned accountant such as your tax lawyer at the Lincoln Law Group will provide. We will collect from you and submit to the IRS documents we know will create enough doubt in the IRS’s ability to collect the amount you owe or weaken their ability to prove your liability. They will have to accept your offer.

Our Tactical Capabilities and Know-How Cover These Areas:

  • Collection Due Process
  • IRS Appeals
  • IRS Collection Appeals
  • Audit Defense
  • Settlement
  • Payment Plans
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Tax Court Petitions

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