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What Gear Should Every Motorcyclist Wear?

Riding a motorcycle is cheap, fun, and above all, it gives you this amazing feeling of freedom. But safety should always be the priority. Fortunately, there are several safety accessories and gear available to you.

Here, our car accident lawyer in Baltimore discuss what gear should every motorcyclist wear!


Gloves play an important role when it comes to shielding your hands from road rash. Plus, they help avoid chapping, which may be caused by the constant wind blowing on your exposed knuckles. Gloves also help maintain a safe grip on your handlebars by safeguarding against slippery, sweaty hands, which can be dangerous while riding.

We recommend buying a pair of riding gloves that offer a good grip as it’s important for controlling/navigating your motorcycle – they also protect your hands from various elements. During cold weather, insulated gloves can protect your hands from getting stiff.

Eye protection

While some helmets are made with a full-face mask to protect your eyes, others don’t have this feature. If your helmet doesn’t have a full-face mask, invest in a pair of motorcycle goggles to wear for eye protection. Remember, your motorcycle goggles should fit you well even when you’re wearing a helmet.

Whether you’re riding a motorcycle on a low-traffic country road or a busy highway, you’re exposed to many elements. This means insects, flying dirt, and debris can fly into your eyes if there’s no protection. Moreover, we recommend that you wear UV-coated goggles to safeguard yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.


It is probably the most crucial piece of motorcycle equipment to wear while riding your motorcycle. Our recommendation is, wear a DOT-rated helmet as it’s comfortable and fits you snugly. To find the perfect option for you specifically, try helmets instead of buying them online to ensure they fit perfectly. However, there are some online resources like helmet measuring charts, which can be used to determine the shape and size of your head.

For safety purposes, it’s advised that you replace your helmet after having an impact incident (even if it’s a minor one). However, if you’re fortunate enough to not get into an accident, it’s still required that you replace your helmet once every five years.

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