Shoes strung up to a pole as a prank

Prank Gone Wrong? Here’s What You Should Do If a Prank Caused Physical Damage

We’ve all pulled a prank or two at some point in our youth. It’s a trending topic on Youtube, with many influencers garnering views through pranking unsuspecting victims. However, what happens if someone gets seriously injured in the process?

Pranks can range from leaving glitter-spiked packages on someone’s door to pretending to shoot someone for a quick scare. While most funny pranks may start out with the intention of innocent fun, the act can lead people into legal trouble.

What are the grounds for lawsuits related to pranks?

It can be difficult to determine a single perpetrator who must pay for the victim’s damages in the case of injuries caused by a prank. Some people may knowingly take part in pranks before they get injured, so their injury can be considered their own fault. Victims in such cases can not sue for compensation of any sort. However, victims who are not in the know-how of the prank may have grounds to sue.

Gross negligence

A victim of a prank may sue the prankster for gross negligence in the event of wanton actions where the prankster held no regard for other people’s safety. Any prank can be considered gross negligence if a person was injured in the process of an act that no other reasonable and prudent person would have committed under the same circumstances. The victim might be awarded punitive damages along with the damages for gross negligence.


Certain pranks can be malicious to the point of committing fraud or breaching a contract. A good example of this scenario is when a 2002 Hooters waitress won a sales contest promising a “Toyota” as the prize. Instead, she received a prank gift of a “toy Yoda” doll, later suing the company for a settlement that allowed her to pick out her Toyota of choice.


Victims could sue the prankster for harassment if the prank made them feel threatened, frightened, or at the risk of sustaining a bodily injury. They can sue for emotional injuries in the case of pranks that cause mental or emotional trauma, even if there are no physical injuries.

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