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How to Keep Your Family’s Immigration Process Streamlined

Immigration is a challenging process that puts a lot of pressure and stress on a family. With the state of immigration laws in the USA today, it’s hard to keep the faith. However, to make your family’s immigration application go through as quickly as possible, make sure you follow these tips.

Remember, though, hiring an immigration attorney from the start is always a good idea.

Expect and Prepare for Delays

You need to anticipate and plan for that an immigration process takes time and will always have delays. No matter how flawlessly you fill out the forms and provide documentation, you can’t hurry the bureaucracy along.

Make sure you apply on a timeline that doesn’t require your family to move urgently to the States. In the meantime, settle in and wait until you get more information. Talk to your immigration attorney and plan for the inevitable delays. Beyond that, there’s not much you can do.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Visa Option

There is a range of immigration options available to you, depending on your immigration status, job status, and family details. For example, if you’re a naturalized citizen and you want your spouse and kids with you, you can apply for a family-based green card rather than trying to go through a work permit visa or an asylum application.

Our immigrant lawyer can help you on that front, reviewing your case history as well as your family’s profile to help you reach a workable solution. While you can try to go through this process on your own, having an experienced attorney can help speed it up.

Follow the Regulations to a T

Don’t violate the regulations of your family’s visa or green card. This means ensuring you file documentation wherever necessary, presenting yourself in court if summoned, and most importantly, never breaking the law.

Any hiccup in your application or problem in your profile/ your family’s profile can delay or jeopardize the process.

Have an Experienced Immigration Lawyer Working With You

While you may feel that access to the internet and information in today’s age means you don’t have to hire a lawyer to help you out, you may want to consider it anyway. While the internet gives you information and facts, it can be hard to understand certain parts of the process’s legal implications.

An immigration lawyer is your best bet to understand what requirements to fulfill, what paperwork to file, and ensuring that your family’s application process is as streamlined as possible.

For more information on immigration’s legalities or schedule an appointment with our immigration lawyer in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Towson, and D.C., call us at 877-619-9112.

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