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How to Get Full Custody of Your Children After Divorce

If you have recently gotten divorced and have children with your partner, you need to decide who will get the children’s custody. Unfortunately, the choice of who will get will complete control is difficult to make between partners who disagree on decisions of their child’s welfare.

Full custody is awarded to one parent, and they’re in charge of their child’s legal and physical matters. So let’s discuss how you can get full custody of your children after your divorce.

Scenarios In Which You Can Get Full Custody of Your Child

The most common scenario in which courts award full custody of the child to one parent is if the other parent cannot properly raise or supervise the child. In addition, if there’s substantial proof that the other parent has abused, neglected, or abandoned the child, then full custody is awarded to the other parent.

Similarly, if you have a more flexible work schedule and you’re more capable of taking care of your child, then you’ll likely be awarded full custody. Likewise, if your child has special needs and you’re more equipped to handle them or if the child has a better bond with you than the other parent, in such cases, you’ll also be awarded full custody.

The courts also judge whether one parent has the ability to help their child attain educational success and have more financial stability in their lives. If a parent can provide a child with a stable home environment, including food, shelter, and attention, then full custody is awarded to that parent.

Lastly, if the other parent has a history of domestic violence, alcohol or substance abuse, other mental disorders, or if you have taken a restraining order against them because they pose a threat to you and your child, then you will be awarded full custody of your child.

If you can prove that the child thrives under your care and you’re their primary caregiver while the other parent has had little involvement in their child’s upbringing, then the courts will provide you with full custody.

Taking Help from a Family Lawyer

Suppose you think your chances of getting full custody are compromised due to certain circumstances. In that case, it’s better to get help from a family lawyer who has experience dealing with child custody cases.

You should ideally seek a lawyer who can represent your case with compassion and who has the legal expertise to help you gain full custody of your child.

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