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How Does a Criminal Charge Affect Your Record

A criminal record can seriously impact on a person’s quality of life. Statistics suggests that approximately 70 million people in America have a criminal record. According to a recent report published by the Brennan Center for Justice, criminal convictions are a big cause of entrenching poverty in the U.S.

The adverse consequences of having a criminal charge are undeniable. It becomes categorically more unbearable if the person is wrongly accused of the crime. If a person is accused of a crime, it stays on their record, even if the charge is dropped or they are not found guilty of the crime.

Let’s explore some ways a criminal charge can impact your record.


A criminal charge can significantly hamper your chances of landing a good job. Most employers check the applicants’ background before hiring them.

If they ask you directly about the concern, your best bet would be to remain truthful. You can, however, choose to remain silent about the arrests which did not lead to conviction.

Child Adoption

Once a person is charged for a criminal act, they lose their right to adopt a child. Similarly, it also reduces their right of child custody. So, if you have a criminal record, the court might not allow you to take the custody of your child.


Depending of the severity of the charge, your driving license may also get suspended or revoked. Your next move under these circumstances should be to follow the rules and to consult an attorney. Failing to follow the rules could result in lengthier suspensions.

Social Reputation

Re-entering to the community after long years of imprisonment is not an easy thing to do. Even a minor criminal charge can deteriorate your reputation and create substantial barriers in attaining acceptable social status.

Even in cases of wrongful accusations, the negative stigma does not leave its mark easily. Nationwide, people with criminal charges are treated with animosity and hate.

Hire an Attorney for Legal Help

If you are falsely accused of a crime or you want to expunge your criminal record, a lawyer can help. Hire a professional lawyer and take the required legal guidance.

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Disclaimer: Information in this blog is provided for educational purposes.  It should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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