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Hit and Run Incident: What Should You Do

In the US, nearly 6 million car accidents occur every year. Road accidents cause serious damage—not only to drivers but also pedestrians and passengers. The majority of such cases involve hit-and-run accidents. Many people get severely injured in these accidents but feel helpless as the at-fault drivers flee from the scene.

Hit and run accidents are indeed highly traumatic and stressful. However, there are some important things to do when such a situation arises.

Keep calm

A sudden unfortunate event can evoke intense emotions of fear, anger, and grief. You might also want to follow the fleeing driver and track them. It is, however, not a recommended practice. Try to stay calm and get a hold of your situation. Stay where you are, and don’t attempt to chase the other driver.

Seek medical help

Once you get a clear head, pay attention to your physical state and other passengers. If anybody needs medical attention, immediately call the ambulance.

Seeking medical treatment is the first thing one should do after an accident. It is not only important for overall health but can also help the person with their personal injury claim.

Visiting a doctor immediately after the accident helps with the further legal process. It allows proper documentation of injuries and makes a statement that the person handled the situation carefully.

Collect the details

Try to collect all the details regarding the location and nature of the accident. Note the license plate number or if the other driver ran immediately after the accident, ask other passengers if they remember some details like the vehicle’s model, color, or any additional description. Besides, when an accident occurs, many people gather around. Try to get their names and contact information, as they can serve as potential witnesses against the fleeing driver.

Take photos

Photos can play a crucial role in strengthening your case. Take photos of the accident location from various angles. Try to capture the close-ups of all the dents, scratches, and any other potential damage.

Get legal help

The victims of a car crash are entitled to gain compensation for their medical and property loss. However, many people do not avail it because they either don’t know their legal rights or want to avoid any unwanted complications.

A licensed and professional lawyer can walk you through the entire process and guide every step. If you want to make a personal injury claim or understand how you can receive compensation for the injuries sustained in a hit and run accident feel free to contact The Lincoln Law Group. We have a team of experienced personal injury lawyers in Maryland and Washington, DC.

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