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Guidance on Rescheduling a Green Card Interview

If you’ve filed applications for US citizenship, you’ll have to appear for two interviews. USCIS will adjudicate your case only after conducting the required interviews.

However, if you’ve missed one of your interviews and are looking to reschedule it, here’s our brief guide!

Rescheduling the green card interview

Before the green card interview date, you can either reschedule the interview based on good cause or withdraw the petition. According to USCIS, rescheduling the interview is only possible if the adjudicator is convinced that the applicant wouldn’t be able to appear due to circumstances beyond their control. However, if the adjudicator thinks there’s a good cause for the inability of an applicant to appear, they will mail a new form, ‘Form I-797C,’ and the green card interview will be rescheduled. But if the adjudicator determines that a good cause doesn’t exist, the adjudicator can deny the case for abandonment.

Rescheduling the biometrics

You have to undergo two types of appointments in a green card case. Before your green card interview, you’ll have the biometrics interview. If you want to reschedule the biometrics, read Form I-797 and follow the instructions. Generally, you’ll have to return the original notice to the local USCIS field office, asking to reschedule the biometrics. When you’re done, you’ll receive a notice with a new date. Remember, attending the biometrics is mandatory as USCIS should have your fingerprints on file before they issue your green card.

You can be given a chance to reschedule your biometrics if you’ve missed it due to excusable neglect. But remember, this is just instructional guidance. Don’t miss your biometrics appointment without letting the USCIS know in advance. The local offices of USCIS differ on how they handle a missed biometrics appointment. If you’ve missed your biometrics due to exigent circumstances, this advice is your last option: explain the reasons you missed after scheduling an info-pass appointment with the local USCIS office. Typically, they’ll take your fingerprints on that same day. However, it’s a huge risk, and we don’t suggest relying on any favors from USCIS. Once your fingerprints are with USCIS, you’ll be required to attend your green card interview.

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