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3 Tips to Defend Against Tax Fraud

Americans have been urged by the IRS to watch out for tax fraud and scams during the pandemic. This fraud is especially common now due to the increased opportunity available to hackers online because of the internet and the increased number of transactions.

So, the question is, how does one defend themselves against tax fraud when it’s so prevalent?

1. File Early

You need to be proactive. Filing early means you can complete the entire process without any obstacles. If scammers want to misuse your identity to file a tax return, you can always beat them to it.

2. Keep Your Social Security Number Safe

Your social security number will allow you (or anyone else) to access all your private information. Keep the number secret to prevent it from getting into the hands of identity thieves.

Shred any documents that may have the number to carefully dispose of them and watch out for any urgent calls from the “IRS” that may claim to need your number. Remember that the IRS only communicates via US Mail.

3.  Hire An Accomplished Tax Attorney

Making mistakes while filing tax returns can happen because of human error as well. However, certain are criminal offenses and can cause a tax controversy. Hiring an experienced tax attorney can help you navigate through the complicated tax law, protect your legal and financial interests, and defend you against any legal charges.

Your attorney should be able to defend you in the case of the following charges:

  1. The defendant knowingly provided incorrect information to circumvent the taxation system.
  2. The tax statement or return was false.
  3. The defendant knew false information was being provided.

The counsel of an expert can help you fight such allegations, defend your reputation, and prevent any penalty that you have to pay.

The IRS is responsible for ensuring that all individuals and companies abide by the taxation law and financial regulations. If you are served an IRS tax audit notice, then you need to be prepared for what’s going to come

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