3 Reasons Why You Should File a Car Accident Claim

Have you been involved in a car accident, and are wondering whether you should pay for the vehicle damage out of your own pocket or report it to your insurance company?

Many people who get into a car accident don’t file a car accident claim with their insurance companies because they believe it will increase their car insurance rates. However, it’s better to file an auto insurance claim, and here are some reasons why you should consider it.

1.    If Someone Is Injured in The Car Accident, You Should File a Claim

One scenario where you should always file a car accident claim is if you or another passenger in the vehicle has been injured during the crash. This also applies to any pedestrians who were hit by your car or the other car involved in the accident.

Medical expenses for car injuries can be very high, and if you don’t file a claim, you might be vulnerable to litigation. If you’re sued for the accident by the other party, the claims representative could deny your car accident claim completely.

Hence, it’s better to file a car accident claim within 28 days of the accident.

2.    Filing A Car Accident Claim Will Ensure You Are Properly Represented

If you’re involved in a car crash that resulted in injury to the passengers inside the vehicle or property damage of the vehicle itself, then filing a car accident claim will ensure you have proper legal representation.

In car accidents where it’s unclear who is at fault for the collision, it’s better if you file a claim so your insurance company can work with the other party’s insurer and arrange appropriate payouts.

3.    You Will Be Reimbursed for Your Vehicle If It’s Significantly Damaged

Suppose your car was significantly damaged during the accident and resulted in a total loss. In that case, filing a car accident claim with your insurance company will allow you to get reimbursement for your vehicle under the property damage coverage.

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