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President Biden’s 3 Executive Orders on Immigration

The policies enforced during the Trump administration have caused irreversible damage to many immigrants and their families. In an effort to rectify that damage, President Joe Biden recently announced new immigration policies aimed at providing relief to immigrants and their families.

On February 2nd, 2021, three executive orders were signed by the President that aim to help immigrant families coming to the United States.

1.    End Zero Tolerance

The first executive order entailed the end of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy towards border crossings. The Zero Tolerance Policy gave border authorities the right to prosecute every migrant who entered the US without authorization.

The removal of this policy has ensured that immigrants will be safely led into the United States via a peaceful process. These people can now seek asylum and apply for a work visa legally. The new policy offers hope to people fleeing from dangerous conditions.

2.    Reunite Families Split at the Border

The second executive order states that all parents who were separate from their children at the border will be reunited. Many have spent months and even years apart, which is why this order is a top priority for immigration officials. As a result of the executive order, a Family Reunification Task Force has been created that is to locate and recover children separated at the US-Mexico border and reunite them with their parents.

3.    Conduct a Complete & Thorough Review

The third executive order expects all federal immigration organizations to conduct a comprehensive review of their existing policies. This is to determine whether the policies are aligned with the equitable and compassionate management that the Biden administration wants to implement.

Work with an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

While you may feel that access to easy access to immigration information online means you don’t have to hire an immigration lawyer to help you out, you may want to consider it anyway. While the internet gives you information and facts, it can be hard to understand certain legal implications of the process.

An immigration lawyer is your best bet to understand what requirements to fulfill, what paperwork to file, and ensuring that your family’s application process is as streamlined as possible.

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